Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How we do grocery shopping;

I have learned several things since moving out of my parent's home. 1. I do not have enough white clothes to fill up a load of "white" laundry. 2. Hardwood floors take a tremendous amount of time to maintain. (Where does all this dust come from?). 3. Groceries cost a lot of money. Previously we were spending $100 or more on groceries a week. Which is completely fine if we eat the items we buy. But instead a lot of it was going to waste. Like that organic kale I swore was going to go into my morning smoothies. We were eating like kings. We really don't need to have organic veggies, organic seasonings, etc. We prioritized our organic options; meat and eggs. Horizon organic milk is almost double the price of regular milk so we opted to buy milk that labels "from cows not treated with RBST". When we do find Organic stuff on sale, we buy! I picked 2 meats and worked our meals for the week around those 2 protein sources. Before we were having 4 different meat sources a week! I wish we could have some veggie only days but that is not going to fly with Richard. This week I chose chicken & turkey as our 'meat' source. Veggies are always apart of our meals and we are trying out less pasta, rice, and bread. 

Here is how I organize my meal & grocery day, which I plan on Sunday morning and then go grocery shopping for the items I will need for the week. We usually shop at Ralphs since it's around the corner from where we live and they give you loyalty points for using reusable bags! 

Meal planning. Richard's favorite is: Turkey Patties. 

The list! We make sure only to check off what we "need".

yum, fresh lettuce! want to know how to keep lettuce fresh? I will be posting that soon! 

All of this for $50! 

Natural chicken on sale....sold.


  1. oh my gosh! $50-100 on groceries is a lot! I think Henry and I have managed to reduce it to about $30 a week because we noticed a lot of our food was going to waste also. We should get together sometime and I'll show you how to coupon also for house necessities!

    1. WHAAAAAT? Teach me HOW! Yes I would love to get together & learn all these saving options! Tell me when & where and I will be there. We should also plan a cooking day so you and henry can make some Mexican food for your 365 cooking project! :)