Sunday, October 6, 2013

how we now eat brussels sprouts;

Brussels sprouts have never been my favorite vegetable. I never really ate them growing up so the taste was never my favorite as an adult. Not until 2 weeks go that I went to Tin Roof Bistro in Manhattan Beach, CA. We ordered the Caramelized Brussels Sprouts as an appetizer. Let me tell you....I ate the whole bowl. They were SO good I didn't even want my entree, I wanted more brussels sprouts! After I left the restaurant I was on a mission to make the dish. Guess what? I found it online *hallelujah! I modified it a little because I will not buy anchovies. They take about 30 minutes to make and are SO worth it. 

You will need: 

2lbs of Brussels Sprouts (more or less it's up to you!)

1 tbs of Lime Juice

6 tbs of Butter

2 tsp of Capers 

2 tsp of Chopped Parsley

Salt + Pepper (to your taste)

2 tsp of minced garlic

3 tbs of Olive Oil 

I had all of these ingredients at home. I just had to buy the capers which I never knew what they were! and now I use them on almost everything! 

Wash your brussels sprouts! (We use veggie wash, it's awesome!

Cut off the ends + in half, like this ^

Toss your brussels sprouts in your olive oil. (I did this in a mixing bowl then placed them on this baking sheet)
Bake at 350F for 25 minutes (you can leave them a little longer if you wish!)

They should look like this when they are done baking!

Once the brussels sprouts have baked, melt your butter and pour in your garlic. Once the garlic is golden brown
pour in the rest of your ingredients. Then put your brussels sprouts back in the mixing bowl you used in the beginning and pour the sauce over them and shake it well so all your sprouts are covered. I then put them back on the baking sheet and sprinkled with salt + pepper. 

You can eat them alone (they are delicious as is believe me!). Here I served them with some grilled tilapia.


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