Wednesday, November 6, 2013

a love story : part 1 - the first few signs

Young us.

Let's face it. I have a really bad memory. My memory is so bad I often forget if I already shampooed my hair in the shower. Yup, that bad. Even though my memory is horrible, I can recall special moments in exquisite detail. I can remember what I wore, where we were, what it smelled like, the climate...practically everything. I am really glad that I can remember memorable moments because those are the only memories I need. Right? It would be nice to be able to remember if I shampooed my hair, or if I already put lotion on, or if I made a particular bill payment, but I guess those things don't matter as much as this story.

I do not believe in fairy tales. I use to as a child and maybe even as a teenager, but as an adult I don't. I hardly believe that you can meet a person, fall in love, get married, have kids and live happily ever after without any issues. I truly believe in struggle and in pain. My heart tells me we have to go through a few bad moments to really get to the good. If you don't go through the pain & struggle how will you ever know what "good" really is? I am also a sucker for love, passion, romance and wish it took a glass slipper for me to know Richard was the one. But it didn't, this is real life.

Our love story is so uniquely designed. There were a few signs that I blindly did not see, there was a few encounters that I never thought twice about, and there was definitely meetings between us where I had no idea why I was doing what I was doing but it felt right. I will explain all of this throughout this series. First, lets get to the beginning.

Richard and I attended the same high school. Even though we did attend the same high school, we never spoke. Yes, we were in the same grade but never had a class together nor did we have the same group of friends. I was committed to sports and Richard was all into academics. Our paths did not cross until senior year.

You see, I am lazy. You knew that right? Well, a few weeks before graduation my Algebra2 teacher told me I was going to fail the class. I was devastated. What do you mean fail? I play varsity sports! I am funny! why would you fail me? I did not quite understand. I would miss this class at least 3 times a week. My excuse was always that I had a softball game or I simply would stay in art class. I would ditch. I was a ditcher. Well, it finally caught up with me. I had already gotten my acceptance letter from CSULB, and in order to complete everything I would have to pass this class. I begged my teacher, I cried, I would have scrubbed the entire school on my knees if I had to! I think she felt sorry because she gave me one last chance. She was going to plan out a cumulative final and I would take the test on that coming Monday.

Coincidentally, that day was also Senior Award Night. I was going to receive 1 tiny scholarship so my mom attended the ceremony with me. My eyes were puffy, my head was pounding, and I wanted to wake up from this horrible dream! This night was also Grad Night ( a night where all the seniors go to Disneyland from 10PM-6AM). So,  I had to make the best out of this day. Sitting there with my mom, it felt tense. I knew she was disappointed in me for failing my class. It didn't matter that I was about to receive an award. Nothing mattered besides me failing this class.

I remember things clearly and vividly. The announcer kept announcing different scholarships for various subjects; sports, academics, community service and so on. I remember Richard's name clearly being announced over and over and over. I was so annoyed. Who the heck is this guy? track isn't even a sport! this is the stupidest award ceremony ever. I was sitting there annoyed, frustrated and secretly wanting to ask Richard to tutor me for my exam on Monday. But instead, my mom leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "see, I should have had a son like that!". Oh I was pissed. I looked over at her face and opened my eyes wide and did what I did best. I rolled my eyes. I watched Richard carefully, secretly hating his guts.

I laugh at this part of the story now. It's funny that my mom wanted a son like Richard. Little did she know he would become her son-in-law later down the road. This was the first sign in the carefully designed love story. I missed the sign completely. Actually I kind of didn't like Richard very much because of this sign. Do you care about what happened with my test that Monday? I took it and passed with a 98%. I had told my teacher what my mom had said....can you believe she said that? isn't that so mean? gosh I can't stand that Richard Montes! how did he get so many awards anyway? If I wouldn't have been so lazy and such a ditcher, I could have gotten all of those awards too! I was bitter and very angry but I was also ecstatic that I would be passing this class and going to CSULB in the fall. My teacher ended up writing a note to my mom on top of my test. It said, "Mrs. Oregel, you should be very proud of Yessenia, she worked very hard on this exam. She is a smart young lady and will do great things in life". When I got home that day I posted the note of the fridge for her to see. I had to translate what it said, but you get the point.

**My mom is the sweetest person in the entire world! I knew that what she said was out of anger and disappointment. I know she is proud of me. But somehow I feel like she had to say that. It was a sign of what the future had in store for me. It also motivated me to pass the exam. I believe God designed our love story to the core. He knew that my mom would say those words and that I would notice Richard. If it wasn't for what my mom had said the rest of this story would not have happened.

I graduated. I went to college. I had a boyfriend. Sometime during the end of the year of 2006 (my first year at CSULB) Richard requested to be my friend on Myspace. He was about 100 miles away at UCSD. I accepted the request and I added him to my buddy list on AIM. We were both in relationships during the time. The first time I spoke to Richard on AIM I asked somewhere along the lines of "Hey, how are you? How is SD?". We made small talk. He told me about his girlfriend and how they had problems. I would counsel him. You have to ignore her. If you ignore her she will come to you! I told him about my boyfriend who was also my really good friend at the time. I was not interested in Richard. Actually one day when him and I were talking on AIM, he told me he had broken up with his girlfriend. We were 18, I knew very little about relationships but I was sad for him because I knew what a heartbreak felt like, I suggested he date a friend of mine but he declined. I still had a boyfriend that I liked on most days, so I was blinded by this opportunity. Now that I think about it, this was not the time for me to become his girlfriend. I could not have a long distance relationship and if I would have been interested in him in that way, we would have dated, broken up and this story would have ended here.

We talked over AIM several times between 2006-2007. I can't even say we were friends. We were cyber buddies. Whenever I wanted to talk to someone, he was there and vice versa. In the summer of 2007, Richard came home for the summer. He was single and my boyfriend and I had broken up earlier that year. Both single, both in the same city, both vulnerable. That summer, on August 19, 2007 (my birthday) we had our first official face to face encounter. Richard? Oh my god Richard! It's you! I can't believe you're here! GUYS! Richard is here!!  I hugged him really tight, trying to hold my balance. I was drunk.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the series "a love story".

*I will post part 2 tomorrow.


  1. AAWWW!!! What a cute story, and I totally laughed at the very last line!

  2. Is the picture from that time, or is it just an old picture? Or did you cut your hair?! Hahaha.

    1. haha I should have mentioned that! the picture was taken sometime in 2008 :) I had chopped off my hair and donated it to locks of love.