Saturday, November 9, 2013

a love story : part 4 - lovers & friends

Finally I said, What do you even think of me Richard?

He was quiet for a long time and then looked at me with tears coming down his face...

You want to know what I think of you? Whenever I look at you I say to myself, 

"I'm going to marry that girl one day"

Tears began to fall down my face when I said, 

"pinch me". 

We hugged. 

I honestly thought I was dreaming. I had day-dreamed about this day, I had hallucinated about this day, and here it was becoming reality. I could not believe what was happening. It felt unreal and it was total bliss. We stayed up talking about how our status was going to change and how that would change our relationship. We made a promise to ourselves. We would always be friends before anything else. 

Loving Richard has always been easy. He is incredibly easy to love because he is a total sweetheart.  But transitioning from strictly friends to a couple had it's difficulties. We had both been out of relationships for years! We had to learn the ropes and all the boundaries that come with being in a relationship. Even though the relationship took us some time to learn, being friends has always come to us naturally. 

So we made it official on July 2, 2010. I would tell you the time it happened too but that is going a little overboard..................okay, okay, it was 11:42 PM. Anyways, after concentrating on school so much and getting straight A's, I decided to apply again. That fall I got back in. Richard applied in the fall and got accepted in the spring. 

We attended CSULB together. I have to admit that attending school with Richard was competitive. We once took a class together and we would make bets to see who could get the higher grade on exams. We always ended up getting the same score though. He motivated me everyday and I might have wrote a paper or two for him. I am not a fan of PDA but Richard totally is. One day when I was walking into the class we were taking together, he got up to kiss me. I kissed him quickly and turned red as....gosh I don't even know, think of something really red and that's how my face was. 

After two years at CSULB I graduated with honors. A semester after that so did Richard. Receiving our degree was a huge accomplishment for us. It reminded me of when I first went to Richard for help that one spring in March of 2008. Richard and I are made for each other. I know we are. I know because I can't find any other reasoning for all of this. Of course I doubted it sometimes. Maybe that ONE time that he broke up with me for an entire 3 days. Yup, a whole 3 days.  (more on that on another post). 

We have worked hard at this relationship and I would not trade this for anything in the world. It has not always been easy, but being his friend has always been. I feel that because we were friends for so long, it has allowed us to dodge every bullet. I am thankful, so thankful for his friendship.

A note to Richard:


I know you read my blog every night. I hope that reading our story from my perspective has taken you back to each moment we shared. There is not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for making you for me. Just like you told me when you proposed; on the day I was born, I was made for you. There have been many obstacles that could have prevented us from ending up together but here we are beating every odd. You have always been my very best friend. From the time I first messaged you crying because I was getting kicked out of school, to the day you told me you wanted to marry me. You make me the luckiest girl in the world. Thank you for loving me and dealing with my weird ways. There is no one else that understands me the way you do. You know how I tell you often, "isn't this crazy? were engaged and moved in together?" it feels like I've known you my entire life. Writing this story has allowed me to see how God designed our story. He designed it so perfectly and on His terms.  I wouldn't change a thing because I know every day that we are together it is His will. I love you. 

I hope you enjoyed reading our story. This is only the beginning to what is coming! I can't wait for our wedding next year, but I really cannot wait to have babies. A lot of them! I can't wait to send our kids to their first day of school and for us to send them off to college so we can go crazy and take week long vacations. I can't wait to for the rest of our lives together! 

I hope that I have encouraged or inspired you to write your story. It is truly an amazing feeling to go back into those moments and replay them in your head. I wanted to share our story because of my frequent memory loss but because I also want everyone to see that no relationship is perfect. The struggle and complications is all what makes your story that much better. You might be going through something in your relationship right now and I want you to know that everything falls into place. I truly believe that some higher power is designing your story too! Sometimes when we let things be....they fall exactly where they need to fall, I am glad I fell here. 

There is a saying that people say, "I get to marry my best friend". Well, I think that saying fits me perfectly. I really do get to marry my best friend.

**I thought it would be fun to have a FAQ for Richard! I asked him to write our story from his perspective but he is not a fan of writing. So I came up with the idea of questions! If you have a question that you would like to ask Richard send me an email, text, message through FB or Instagram, you can also comment below (even though I know that takes a while). I will ask him the questions and have him answer them in a post! 

THANK YOU so much for reading my series. This has been incredibly fun. 

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