Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DIY bridesmaid boxes

Richard proposed to me on my 25th birthday this year. As soon as he put the ring on my finger and as soon as I could come into the sense that I was going to be marrying my best friend, I started to plan. I already had a Pinterest board so I dug in. Pinning is kind of like my 3rd job now, except I don't get paid to do it. I wanted to make something crafty, colorful, and sweet for my bridesmaids. I picked 5 lovely ladies to be my main support system on the day of! They are:

1. Lizzie (Maid of Honor) I know that she will make sure everything will be perfect on the day of and she is not afraid to tell you exactly what she needs you to do. :) She is bossy, but the good kind. Did I mention she's my sister? (I guess the bossiness never goes away!)

2. Jazzy (Bridesmaid) She is incredibly sweet and I know she will be an amazing guest entertainer. She also sings so that is a HUGE plus. She has other talents but those can't be performed at the wedding. Get your mind out of the gutter! She's great at yoga. :)

2. Anneabel (Bridesmaid) We have a very interesting and unique story about how we became friends. I found Anneabel through Instagram while searching through the hashtag #nanny. I went to visit Anneabel in Crystal Lake and had a blast! We will celebrate our friendaversary this January! Anneabel will be getting next year too! 1 month before my wedding, I am also a bridesmaid for her wedding. I could go on and on about her but I would take up this entire post :)

3. Clarissa (Bridesmaid) She is mean & a total spunk. I know she will tell me flat our that my hair is a mess or if I have cilantro in my teeth. She really doesn't hold anything back and is completely honest. Which I will need when I start thinking of dresses. She will probably be the only one who cries when she see's me walk down the isle in my dress. She is hard on the outside but soft WAY in the inside. :)

4. Daisy (Bridesmaid) She is my soon to be sister in law (aka Richard's sister). She is a blast in a glass and I know she will have a blast at the wedding. I am pretty sure she will be one of the first to get on the dance floor!

5. Natalia (Jr. Bridesmaid) This little girl is my God daughter and I love her so much! She is the sweetest little girl and is a total little grown up in her own way. I wanted her to be apart of this very special day because she is my first "daughter" and she holds a special place in my heart. I know she will look so cute in her dress on the day of!

xoxo Yessenia

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