Friday, November 1, 2013

introduction of a wanna be cook

When I lived with my previous roommates (mom & dad) I would complain constantly; "If I had my own kitchen I would cook ALL THE TIME! I would have my own fridge, I would have my own cooking "stuff"....I would do it all!" Lie. I love cooking, yes. But lets be honest; cooking requires a lot of prep, time, and effort. I didn't even mention the dishes that are left behind after you're done. I'm the type of cook that makes a HUGE mess just to pour cereal and milk. Cereal on the floor, in the sink, on the stove....stuck on my clothes...That's just me! Richard tells me that messy people are usually the smartest people, I am hanging on to that belief. Anyways, even though cooking does require a lot of prep, time, and effort....we still have to do it. In my next life I will have a personal cook that cooks ALL of my meals and calculates the calories and feeds me with a golden spoon. Until then I have to put my apron on (my niece/little sister got it for me and it's SUPER cute and motivates me to cook, it also helps me feel fabulous while doing so) and get cooking! These meals took me less than 30 minutes to make but the cleaning time (sorry Richard) takes double the time. We do eat out, but funny/weird/awkwardly enough it is on the weekend when we have the MOST time to cook. I will never understand myself. When we do eat out we go to Chipotle (that hot sauce is amazing and I could drink it as a smoothie) In N Out (there's something addictive in their burgers + fries), we also love this place called Blue Salt Fish Grill (it is fresh, delicious, and inexpensive). But mostly we try to eat in because we know what we are eating and can pat ourselves on the back for making it. Here are a few tips that help me cook more often;

1. Menu:
A menu is great....really great! It lets me see what I have to cook the next day and it allows me to semi prep the night before. Richard takes out the protein from the freezer in the morning and usually leaves it marinating (if it needs it) and then when I get home around 5:45PM I just have to cook it! Once he is home around 6:30PM we are ready to eat. ( Most of the time) with usually a huge mess to clean up after we eat....better than sitting in front of the tube right? :]
  2. Shopping for the right stuff:
I haven't even posted about my new love......Costco. More on my new love later. Costco has saved us so much money! We buy these huge bags of chicken and fish and it lasts us about 3 weeks! How great is that? You also can't beat the price of fruit & veggies there. I also noticed that they don't go bad as fast as fruit and veggies from Ralph's. But don't go to Costco on the weekends. It's a zoo. Anyways, we buy the basics...protein, fruit, veggies, milk, eggs, and some kind of grain like bread or rice. OH MY, and skinny cow ice cream sandwiches. They are incredible. They changed my life. Another tip while at Costco: plug your nose while walking in and out...that Churro scent from the food court will get to you, believe me.
3. Prepping:
This is pretty self explanatory. What's that quote....? somewhere along the lines if you don't prepare you fail? something like that. Which is true. It is easy to reach for the take-out menu and have dinner delivered. It might cost an arm and a leg but you don't have to do anything, besides pay. But if you want a meal that's good for you and that won't cost an arm and a leg then you have to prep! I try...very hard to wash our fruit and veggies when we bring them in from a shopping trip. It is easier to grab + go then to grab + wash + cut + clean + go. Too many steps. Also, this prevents you from eating healthy options because it's so much easier to reach for a granola bar instead. (Granola bars aren't bad, but the one's we buy are 190 calories.I can have 2 cups of strawberries and 1 cup of grapes for that many calories). So yes, we prep. I use we very lightly because that is usually Richard. (you are so helpful Richard I love you!)
4. Multitasking:
This is usually what I do when I get home from work: I drop my bags (I still have not gotten in the habit of hanging my purse and putting my keys in the designated KEY dish....go figure), I pee (TMI), get into some comfy clothes, and go straight to the kitchen. While my chicken/shrimp/fish/whatever is cooking I put the dry clean dishes away. I clear out my lunch bag and wash those dishes. (98% of the time whatever we have for dinner we have for lunch the next day) easy and convenient. I turn on the TV but I don't watch it. I just listen. I like to feel like I am back in time where shows were listened to and not watched. Just kidding, I just can't see the TV from the kitchen. In my next life, I will get home from work and kick off my shoes and sit and watch TV or go climb on my in home-rock climbing wall, all while waiting for my food to be ready by my personal cook. In my next life. For now, I do not sit down till about 8:30PM. But that is okay because I don't need to relax or sit for that long anyways. I am already lazy and sitting for long periods of time make me lazier.
I love cooking. My favorite part is making the food look photo presentable. It makes me,
"I COOKED THAT?!" Go YO! It funny actually, Richard will say right before we eat, "are you going to take a picture or should I eat?" (again, I love you Montes). Okay, okay, I don't take a picture ALL the time, but I would say about 75% of the time. I plan to print all these images and make us a recipe idea book to have in our kitchen. ( that will happen sometime in the near future, when I remember to print the images, if I remember, remind me? ).
Go ahead, put on your cute apron and get cookin'! I would love to see what you cook. :]
xoxo Yessenia

*If you want any of these recipes I would be happy to give them to you, comment below.


  1. Wow, a photo cookbook is a great idea! I recently saw a pin on pinterest about making a little photo "yearbook" each year once you're married, so that the pictures don't just sit in your computer, but this idea is just as intriguing to me! :P

    1. Right? I love that idea too! I never print my pictures and that makes me sad. I am going to need to sit down and brainstorm some ways to keep these images on hard copy :)

  2. Wow these photos are great! Such vibrant colours, it's making me so hungry!


    1. Thanks Guy. They were all taken with my iphone!