Wednesday, November 13, 2013

little things:

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I decided to write a post on things I am thankful for. This post could easily be 300 pages long but I will condense it, just for you! Lately, I've been thinking a lot...did I ever mention I am constantly thinking about something? ALL THE TIME. I am so good at this that I am even thinking of something else when someone is talking to me but I am still able to understand what they are's crazy, but I am thankful for the multitasking my brain can do! pretty impressive if I do say so myself.
Okay back to my original post idea, I want to write that I am thankful for food, a home, a! I am truly grateful for those things. But I want to also be thankful for all the little things too! So, I will concentrate on the little things that usually get unnoticed.
  1. my iphone. <---- that is pretty self explanatory. I mean, what would I even be without it? what did people do a hundred years ago? even though I do try and take a break from it here and there, I do love it and I am OH SO thankful for its capabilities.
  2. my car. <---- I'll be the first to admit that I don't have the best car. My mustang is 11 years old. It's not vintage....yet, so maybe when it does become vintage it will actually be cool to drive. I like my car, it's red and fast. I am grateful for transportation because I know that some people have to take public transportation to get places.
  3. my camera. <---- this should have been on top of the list (this list is not in chronological order). I am thankful for my camera because it allows me to capture moments. Moments that I will never get back.
  4. the things richard does. <--- I am OH SO VERY thankful for the things Richard does. Especially the way he holds my hand lightly when he's driving. (pictured above). I think it is so cute and it makes me feel special. I also like a billion other things he does but that would take me a century to write. **I am also thankful for the scar on his bottom lip. It is oh so hot.....okay moving on.....
  5. books. <---- I am thankful for books because they make us smarter. They also smell very good. If you display them in your home, you look smart too. (I do this). Even though I do naturally read a lot because I again, love books.
  6. water. <--- I am thankful for running water. When I go to Mexico (once a year) I realize how fortunate we are to have running water.
  7. funny texts. <---seriously though, these type of texts completely make my day.
  8. DVR. <--- I was always anti-cable but then I got direct tv with recording capabilities and I don't think my life could ever be the same.
  9. skinny cow ice cream sandwiches. <--- I mean, 150 calories? it is pure greatness.
  10. my mailbox <--- my mailbox makes me happy. I check it every single day, even Sunday's when the mailman does not come. I just love going down stairs and walking up to the box with my key in hand. It is just an added bonus when I get cards that are not utility bills. Do you love mail? send me card. :)
What little things are you thankful for?

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