Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving DIY Decor


This year I was incharge of decor and table for our thanksgiving dinner.I loved being assigned this duty because I love to decorate. Dollar tree was my very best friend during the making of this decor. The white table cloth is a very long white backdrop I use for my photography business. The kraft paper was bought at Dollar Tree. I had a bunch of mason jars sitting under my sink so Richard spray painted those with gold spray paint. The flowers on the table are fakies from dollar tree. The little red ball plant is from a tree near my sisters house. The dinner plates are from my home, (world market). The cloth napkins are from Ikea. The plastic fruit was purchased at dollar tree and also spray painted by Richard. The paper lanterns were purchased from Daiso and were spray painted by Richard. Everything else you see was taken from my home!

  1. Table Cloth $FREE
  2. Kraft Paper (2 rolls) $2
3. Dinner Plates $FREE
4. Silverware $2
5. Cloth Napkins $12.64 (.79 each)
6. Spray Paint $5
  7. Fake Flowers $10
8. Flower pots $2
9. Paper Lanterns $7.50
10. Candles $4
11. Twinkly lights $13 (reused for our Christmas tree)
12. Rosemary for place cards $4

Total cost = $62.14
** tables and chairs were provided by my sister and so was the tent!

I will most likely use these items over and over, so this was really an investment! except the kraft paper since everyone drew on it (purposely). I really love how this turned out....and I can't wait to do this for my wedding!


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