Friday, January 3, 2014

Day Two Cleanse, Thoughts:

Day Two, I hate you.

In that sentence, hate would be an understatement.

A little back info:
I suffer from REALLY bad migraines. I was hospitalized 7 years ago for a bad migraine attack that was diagnosed as a mild stroke and Bel's palsy. I haven't had any other hospitalizations since, but I do take vicodin when these bad attacks hit. With a migraine attack, I get nauseous, I am sensitive to light, I am sensitive to audio, I want to throw up, any scent irritates the migraine even is bad! Whenever I get a bad one, I pop in a vicodin and go to sleep, I wake up refreshed and new. Now, this isn't by any means healthy and I don't really have any more of those happy pills. Since I am giving my body a break, taking a vicodin during a cleanse was out of the question, plus: I don't have anymore. I had to choose natural remedies and I am so glad that they worked a bit or else I would have been in the hospital.

Here is how the day played out:

9AM-12PM: I was shivering! I never get cold....I am always hot. I like the cold. My boss put the thermostat to 74 and I was still cold. Other then being cold I was REALLY sleepy. So sleepy I would throw my head back on my office chair and close my eyes for a few moments.

12PM-3PM: I did not want to have anymore juice. I would rather not eat anything at all. I am aware of my migraine symptoms and nausea is usually what comes before anything else. I took a sip of my green juice and almost puked. I actually gagged. Since I was at work I couldn't lay down to take a nap. **note to self: do this on the weekend! I drank a lot of water, peed every 20 minutes, and felt like a train had ran over my head.

3PM-5PM: I contemplated going home, I couldn't take the sleepiness and the headache. I knew I couldn't take Tylenol or other pain medication so I had to ride it out. It was horrible. My vision started to blur, all audio would make my head thump more, and I really wanted to lay down. I didn't even look at my other juices, I was SO done. I wanted to quit. I could smell EVERYTHING. I could have swore my coworker was having bread and butter. Later I asked and she said she had a did I smell bread and butter?

5PM-6PM: Finally, it was time to go home. My head was throbbing all the way home. My mouth was salivating (throwing up symptoms) and I wanted to pull over on the side of the freeway and take a long nap. Once I got home, I kept the lights off and turned on a candle in the bathroom. I took the hottest shower known to man. The hot water felt amazing hitting the side of my head where the migraine was. After I was done showering, I wrapped my hair really tight (the pressure feels good when I get a migraine), and laid down. I fell asleep instantly. When Richard got home from work he hugged me and told me this would be over soon, then he brought me the most magical gift on the entire planet: 1 saltine cracker and 3 tiny pretzel sticks. I didn't even breathe as I scarfed them down. GLORY, it was the best tasting cracker I have ever tasted. It was delicious, fulfilling, all the great things under the sun. I ate my feast and went to sleep.

8PM-9PM: I woke up later to find Richard in the kitchen juicing. I asked him if he had any symptoms and he said he was just hungry. I wanted to throw a cucumber at him. Life is not fair. I went back to sleep around 9:30PM.

I woke up this morning and felt GREAT. Which usually happens after a massive migraine. I decided to step on the scale and see what was going on. 3lbs down. I realize that 3lbs in 2 days is not normal and not healthy. But this is a cleanse and I am sure those 3lbs were all water and bowel movements.

I am now on DAY 3 and to be honest I am afraid to drink any juices because I don't want a migraine to come back. I am currently drinking water. I already drank 750ml. Water is so good! My mouth is dry and it has a nasty taste, my skin does feel a lot brighter and clear and overall I feel good today. We will see how the rest of the day plays out (knock on wood).

***photos taken with my iphone.

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