Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What diet am I on?

How are your new years resolutions going? mine are still going great. I haven't updated since my juice cleanse so I thought now that it has been 2 weeks since my change-what-I-shove-in-my-mouth. I am still losing (it's a good thing), 9.4lbs down in 2 weeks. They do say you lose the most in the beginning so I am gliding along and enjoying the ride.

I post a lot of what I eat/cook on instagram (don't follow me? YOSNAPS is my username) and I get a lot of "yum", "looks good!" and lately I've gotten text messages/comments/messages about what diet I am on. So today, I am going to tell you what diet I am on.....I am on the YOSNAPS diet.

That was a joke.

I began "dieting" when I was 12. My first diet was the Atkins diet. You know, the diet where you can eat your weight in bacon but shouldn't eat cauliflower? yeah, that one. Anyway, I was very young, I shouldn't have been on a diet in the first place but that is when my food obsession began. It is okay to call it a food obsession because whenever I eat a piece of cauliflower I think it's "bad" when it is actually GOOD. Name a diet and I've tried it. I have read countless books on different ways to lose weight and some are way too strict and others are just crazy.

So, this is what I am doing and what I feel will work for me: I am eating, simple as that. I eat 3 times a day and maybe a snack in between lunch and dinner. I am working out on my bike at home for 40 minutes a day at 4 times a week. I am also doing some light weights (at home too). That is basically it.

Now, food; I eat all vegetables and fruits. At every meal I have veggies and fruit. I eat white meat (chicken, turkey, fish, tuna etc). I eat beans, lentils, split peas (you can't eat these on the paleo diet, which I find mom always tells me back in her day that is all they had to eat! my grandpa lived to be 102. They also did not eat red meat or any meat for that matter. Eating steak was a RARE occasion and it was saved for celebrations....which I also find odd because on the paleo diet you can eat a bunch of red meat.). I eat grains, but not often and mostly its whole wheat flax wraps (100 calories) to make wraps for work or breakfast burritos. I have cut dairy for the most part because I have read too many things about it that has changed my thought process. I drink almond milk, and it is just as good. I do have sweets! I have frozen yogurt with a fruit on top and in moderation. I am in the process of making some other healthy option desserts. I almost forgot! eggs, I eat eggs almost every day. Hard good! Or egg whites which are just as good.

There you have it! that is what I eat. I am using my fitness pal app to track my calories which is helping tremendously. I do not starve myself at all. If I am hungry I eat. Sometimes I find it very difficult to reach 1,400 calories and I think that is because veggies have very low calories and they are also very fulfilling. Funny how I could eat breakfast, lunch and dinner at fast food restaurant and still be hungry. Non nutrient food makes you = hungry. Nutrient dense food makes you = full. Go figure.

Here is what my daily meals look like:


2 fried eggs

1 piece of whole wheat toast


353 calories


Grilled chicken salad

341 calories


Grilled chicken

Green beans and mushrooms

Earth balance (on green beans)

250 calories




5oz of froyo

325 calories

I drank about 10 glasses of water.

This is a total of 1, 269 calories which I am short by 100 and something to reach 1,400. But I was satisfied. I was not hungry and I sure was not going to shove food down my throat just to meet calories, noooooo thanks.

Are you on lifestyle change? what is working for you?

OH MY GOSH....I almost forgot! I am not drinking caffeine anymore. It's been 2 weeks and going strong. :)

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