Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What it's really like to be on a juice cleanse;

Whoever says juicing gives you a TON of energy, bright skin, and leaves you feeling like you own the world....lied. They LIED!
Day 3 and last day of the cleanse was actually not bad at all. I was hallucinating about different breakfast options all day and would salivate at the sound of any food word, but it was good. No headaches, no hunger, and I did not feel like sleeping all day. I could still smell almost anything within a mile radius though. Overall, it was good! Here is what was bad or what did not go as planned: I did not drink all of my juices. I couldn't get myself too! the smell of the green juice made me want to puke! (I did drink the green one). The beet one? forget it, I didn't even go near it. I drank water instead. If the beet juice was the only thing left in the world to eat/drink I would starve. That's how bad it was....
On the morning of day 4, (juice cleanse DONE day), we slept in till about 10AM. We then made egg white scrambles and indulged. I know, you're not to supposed to eat egg whites as your first meal back but who cares, we dreamed about this meal. It had a ton of veggies too. I ate half of mine and was DONE. I got full quickly. I weighed myself that morning and found out I lost close to 8lbs, (don't worry, 3 of those pounds came back). My skin is breaking out, I don't normally have pimples but this morning I have 4-5. Richard too! I guess that's all the toxins coming out. I even worked out on my Spinner bike on day 4, which left me feeling awesome! but I still am not a morning person....people promised that after the juice cleanse I would be a morning person with a ton of energy and I am not. I still drag myself out of bed every single morning....maybe I need to try something else.
So, what now?
I am going to continue eating as "clean" as possible. I haven't had any grains, sugar, COFFEE, and anything that comes packaged. For exercise, I ride my spinner bike for 30minutes while watching a show on the laptop. It makes time fly by, and I get off the bike sweating like a hog. I want to incorporate some weights and other exercises but I will figure that out later.
Recipe for the glorious pancakes above?
2 bananas, cinnamon, almond butter, egg whites, almond flour, and almond milk.
heat like a pancake!

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