Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How I edit my photos:


Take a deep breath before you read this tutorial. It is my first tutorial EVER and I don't think I am the best at showing people how to do things, especially in writing! But I am going to try my best because I think that editing is super fun! Usually when I get home from a shoot, I rush to my computer and upload my images to check them out. I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS edit my favorite image, you know....the one that just stands out and says BAM! yup, that one. Here are some of the very basic things I do when I edit my images. I DO NOT slim faces, make people taller, or remove every crease from someone's face. I DO however, smoothen out faces, enhance eyes, and add some filters here and there. Warning** the first time you do this, it will take some practice but with time, you will know what you will be editing as soon as you snap the photo. The above photo was taken outside of my parents house with all natural lighting.

Okay, lets get to it!

You will need the following:
1. Lightroom software (any version)
2. RAW or JPEG photo (better quality the better since it is difficult to manipulate a phone taken photo).
3. A snack (I always snack while I edit)


Now, here are the following steps I do when I begin my editing.

1. I go through the entire roll I shot, yup....every single one, sometimes I have over 700 photos! I am crazy like that. I import the photos into lightroom and use my 1TB external harddrive as a back-up. This is important because if you don't save your original files somewhere on your computer you will not be able to even open your files later! so yes, SAVE THEM. I had to learn the hardway.

2. While the images are still in my library in lightroom, I begin to delete the photos that are blurry, over exposed, test shots or photos that will not make the YOSNAPS cut (eyes closed, baby crying...etc) **I do keep some of the baby crying ones because I think they are cute!

3. I select all the images that I want to go into the album I will be editing. At times, I want to click about 300 images and that is exhausting. Since lightroom does not allow you to highlight all the images you want to select I do this: I click the first image I want (hold down command) then I click the last image I want and click shift. This selects all the images! I then, make a new album and name it as I wish "Y + R Engaged".  ( this might be a little confusing so I will make a video for sure!)

4. Now to the fun part. Start with your favorite image (if you can even pick).

5. I take the eye droper and click on a nuetral color, you will see 3 numbers, try and get those as close to each other as you can!

6. I fix any exposure that needs to be done.

7. For this particular image, the exposure was kind of high, which was great for the white wall, but then I couldn't see the pretty colors on her face! so, I took the darken brush, and darkened the colors on her cheeks, eyes, and lips.

8. Next, this girl has awesome eyes! but sadly, the photo did not capture that. So I enhanced them. I did not change the color, her eyes are really that color, I just exposed them and added a little contrast. Again, you take your exposure brush and "color" the eyes. Using the toolbar, you can expose and contrast to your liking!

9. I lightly smoothened her face. Her face was already smooth so I just retouched it by using the skin smooth brush.

10. I have a define lashes brush by pretty presets so I used that brush on her eyelashes.

11. At the end I added a filter! My favorite are VSCO and I have 1,2,4. I believe on this one I used Portra 800++.


Once I figure out how to make a video using my desktop, I will be able to show you guys how to do this, step by step! instead of through writing which I know can be tough!


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