Thursday, March 27, 2014

Avocado Rolls:


Lately, when we go OUT to eat, I always choose a sushi place. Why? well because I love miso soup and because avocado rolls are amazing. I also don't leave feeling like I just gained 10lbs, that's a plus. When I worked at Whole Foods, I always planned on learning to make them. I never got around to it until yesterday. I passed down my idea to Richard and he was on board. We drove to the Japanese market to buy "nori" also known as HUGE sea weed. We also bought a bamboo mat. We had all the other ingredients so we spent about $4 bucks on making delicious rolls. I have to admit, I thought making rolls was going to be hard. It was actually VERY easy to make! The hardest part was cutting them! patience is key.

You want to start off by making your rice. I made brown rice in my rice cooker. I only cooked 1 cup of dry rice so since I was not planning on making a ton of rolls. 

Once the rice is ready you heat up rice vinegar, 1 tsp of salt, **optional: olive oil (1tsp) and brown sugar or agave (1tbs). Mix well over medium heat, then add your brown rice. You will notice that it will become "sticky" almost instantly. 

Let your rice cool down…and prepare your rolling space. 

When your rice is cool, (DO NOT try and make rolls while your rice is hot, it will make your rolls a sloppy and sticky mess) you can start rolling. 


Put down your rice first, then your veggies. I used avocado and cucumber. You want to use your bamboo mat to help you ROLL the seaweed and then press down while you are rolling to get a firm roll and so that all your ingredients stay put. Watch this youtube video to help you learn to ROLL. It is VERY easy.
This is how your roll should look when you are done rolling.
cut and serve! make sure to cut slowly so your rolls stay put. 
Serve with soy sauce and siracha.

ps. with 1 cup of dry rice I made 5 complete rolls with 8 pieces in each.

I hope you enjoy and please tag me when you do make these! @yosnaps

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