Monday, March 3, 2014

Recap on my lifestyle change:


As I mentioned before I began my "lifestyle" change on January 1st 2014. I began this change by detoxing my body and doing a cleanse. Well, after that horrible cleanse (okay not so horrible but not something I look forward in doing again), life is pretty great. To give you a little courage or if you are in the middle of a lifestyle change, the first month is the absolute hardest. I began craving things like grease, cake, coffee.....I mean everything under the sun I wanted it. Let me tell you, it's like the universe knows you are trying to be "good" because that whole month people were bringing things to the office like DONUTS and all kinds of bad stuff like muffins and ice cream. I wanted it....ALL. But I held on. I didn't give in. That left me feeling so deprived. The more I didn't have it, the more I wanted it. So I did a little test on myself. I had frozen yogurt (Yogurtland....yummm) for dessert EVERY day for an entire week, okay not an entire week but maybe about 5 days. And in moderation of course, I wasn't walking into Yogurtland and having a pound of frozen yogurt. I would fill my cup and ask the cashier to weigh it. When I got to 4oz I stopped filling. I ate how I normally did, lots of veggies and lean protein. That week I still lost 2lbs. Why? because you can have your cake AND EAT IT TOO! After this frozen yogurt binge I saw a difference in the way I feel and think. Deprivation causes us to want things more and more. When we finally want it, we want EVERYTHING and then end up over eating and making ourselves sick. Once we realize what we did, we usually go back to our old ways. That is the reason I chose not to do a particular diet.They just tell you, "NO you can't have cheese", "NO! you can't have bread" and you end up falling off the wagon. I know, it's happened to be SO many times I have lost count. I am happy to report I have found something that works for ME. I can live without coffee. WHAT THE? did I just say that? yup, I did. I haven't had coffee in 2 months and 2 days. I chose to stop drinking coffee because I 1. suffer from migraines (I haven't had a SINGLE migraine since my detox migraine in January, HALLELUJAH) and 2. I want to get pregnant after we are married and I want my body to be caffeine free. Those are my 2 main reasons. I still think coffee smells awesome and I think it looks REALLY cool when people walk around the city with a Starbucks coffee in hand with red painted nails. One thing I am not willing to give up is chocolate. I love chocolate and I will NEVER part ways with it. I have learned, slowly but surely, that I do not have to. Since my love for chocolate with never fade I had to come up with some ways to fit it into my daily intake. I bought Yasso Bars. Actually Richard bought them for me. I get the Chocolate Fudge flavor and they are AMAZING! They are made from natural ingredients but the best part is they only have 100 CALORIES and 7G of Protein. Score. **Yasso didn't pay me (they don't even know who I am, to say any of this, I really do love their bars)** Anyway, I have one of these bars every night after dinner. It is the highlight of my day (seriously). I have managed to lose 17lbs in 2 months. I eat mainly vegetables, lean meats and fruit but I still indulge whenever I want (in moderation). I am proud of my work and the progress I am making. I still can't believe I am into month 3 of this lifestyle change! It is so exciting.

I leave you folks with a recipe!

I was craving Olive Garden last week. I was tempted to go have a date there but realized I would have to basically starve all day to fit in those type of calories. So I made a modification of the chicken fettuccine Alfredo!

You will need:

  1. Alfredo sauce. (I used Classico)
  2. Zucchini Spaghetti (Or make your own! that's what I do)
  3. Chicken Breast
  4. Spices (Pepper, sea salt, crushed red pepper flakes, paprika, cumin)
Get a medium sized pan with a lid and spray it with olive oil.

Place your "spaghetti" and add in the spices of your choice.

Close the lid (make sure your heat is low) the vapor of the zucchini will cook the spaghetti, if you see no progress add 2 tbsp of water.

Grill your chicken breast to your liking.

Heat your Alfredo sauce.

Once your spaghetti is ready you can add the sauce and chicken on top!

SOOOOOO EASY! and so good.

This plate has 205 calories.


xoxo Yessenia

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