Thursday, April 2, 2015

savannah // a birth story:

Baby savannah sure wanted to make her appearance at her own time. Which she did. Her due date came and went! I waited eagerly for the call from her mom, Liz, that she was in labor. Savannah has perfect timing because she waited to join the world on a Friday night, true diva style. Her birth was really smooth! I learned that even with a hospital birth, your nurse lets you labor on your own which I am sure is greatly appreciated! We watched a few movies, laughed, joked and eyed the clock to see when Savannah would be here. It wasn't long until 11PM came and Savannah was ready to make her grand appearance! It took about 45 minutes for her to arrive but when she did, she camped on her moms chest for the next 2 hours. She latched on quickly and entered the world hungry as can be! Welcome to the world Savannah!

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