Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Camp Luciella

Luciella's first birthday was everything I pictured in my head or whatever I pinned on pinterest. What did we do without pinterest back in the day? hm, I have no clue. It was probably the hottest day this summer but luckily the party location had plenty of shade! We rented out a day camp at Wilderness Park in Redondo Beach. The location was perfect! Near by is a pond with fish and turtles. The kids had a blast there. We also hired an awesome musician to sing to the kiddos. They loved that too! We served croissant sandwiches, pasta salad, potato salad, garden salad, broccoli salad, pirate booty, apple sauce....I can keep going! Us Mexican's really provide TOO much food for any occasion. The cake was fantastic. It was an overall awesome day filled with friends and family. We are so glad so many people came out to celebrate our girl. We also used communigift. Instead of guests bringing a gift for Luciella, they brought gifts for a child in need instead! It was an awesome turnout and our guests provided gifts for SIX kids! So amazing. We hope to do that for every birthday. Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet and sassy girl, we love you OH SO MUCH!

***My very good friend Anneabel hand drew the camp ella bear. I turned it into stickers, stamps and even a coloring page! Thank you so much Anneabel! You can check out her work on IG. @ag_illustrations

There was a pond so I packed up fish food for the kids to feed the fish!

Teddy Grahams :)
These cookies were SO good!

Ella face straws!

Baby maracas!

I wonder which kid is mine...haha!!

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