Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cloth Diapering:

The first thing people think when the words "cloth diapering" come out of a mama's mouth is: POOP. "oh my gosh you have to touch poop?" 

nope. I do not touch poop. Well, I have but....who hasn't? Have you ever checked your kids diaper after getting a strong poop smell and you find that your finger slid right into that gooey mess? yup, you've touched poop because you know what I am talking about! 

I am going off topic here. 

In relation to cloth diapering, there is no poop touching at all. 


I have been cloth diapering for a year now and the system I am using has been working like a charm! Cloth diapering to me is easy. It is simply just an extra load of laundry. I do my diapers on Wednesday and on Sunday. Richard and I alternate but to be honest he does them more than I do. There's something about watching a man doing diaper laundry that really gets me...but that's a whole other blog post ;)

Currently we use Grovia, BumGenius, and Smart Bottoms. My favorite are Grovia since they are so trim and modern. With BumGenius Ella looks like an airbag at times! 

Anyway, here is our wash routine below and a little explanation of what we use. 

Diapers ready for washing!

I dump the entire wet bag in the wash and do a rinse cycle on HOT. I add a little detergent!

I use plain old Tide. It has been working for us for an entire year and our diapers smell fresh.

Once the diapers are done with the rinse cycle, I run another wash on normal. I use HOT and add detergent up to the 4th line.

I hang dry my covers because I hear this makes the elastics last longer. Plus, I live in California where we have sunny weather 99% of the year. :) I also airdrop my wet bags (Wet bags are bags that are somewhat water proof, I carry them in my diaper bag to store dirty diapers). Wet bag is also what I put all the dirty diapers in at home. 

ahhh, fresh diapers :)

This is a pocket diaper. The pad goes stuffed inside. 

You remove the insert before throwing it in your diaper pail, that is the downside of this diaper, its a little more work.

This is a Smart Bottom, all in one. You take it off the baby and throw it in the diaper pail. SO EASY! one of my favorites since you don't have to stuff anything and you don't have to clip anything off. 

This is my favorite, Grovia All In One. You clip the extra pad on the insert. When the baby soils the diaper I remove the clip on pad too. They are really easy to clip on after you wash them.

and they are so TRIM! 

This is a Grovia Hybrid. I like these because you just have to carry extra soaker pads. You don't have to carry full size diapers which is nice for on the go. You simply remove the pad and use another. You can keep using the cover. 

This is how diaper laundry looks like. I sit and stuff all of these and to be quite honest it's fun to me. :)

We use Cloth Wipe Bits from Urban Oreganics and reusable cloth wipes from Marley's Monsters. WHAAAAT? You cloth wipe too? We sure do! I am not a 100% cloth wiper but I am getting there. It's the squishy poop that gets me. 

So what about poop? well, if you want an easy and convenient way out of the poop mess you can get disposable liners. They look like dryer sheets. The poop gets stuck on there and you simply dump that in the toilet. Right now Ella JUST started pooping mushy (TMI but constipation sucks! and probiotics will make your kiddo poop like lava) so we are using diaper liners again.

I love cloth diapering!

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