Friday, December 20, 2013


I haven't had time to update on our advent calendar. The holiday's are so busy! Here are some of the things on our advent calendar: candy cane lane lights, cookies, waffles, and 10 things I love about you!

10 Things I love about you:
Richard said:
1. Your beautiful smile.

2. You're extremely caring

3. You're intelligent

4. You're weird like me

5. You're creative

6. Your cute dimples

7. Your wittiness

8. You're loving

9. Because you push me forward

10. Because you are going to be an amazing mother

Yessenia said:

1. Your jokes

2. Your heart

3. The scar on the bottom of your lip

4. Your glasses

5. Your shyness

6. Your team effort

7. Your dedication

8. Because I can have "smart" conversations with you.

9. Your perfect eyebrows

10. The way you look in hats

It's nice to write nice things about each other. I am very fortunate to have a man like the one I do. I think #10 on his list is my absolute favorite....ovary explosion.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


Richard and I are new to Breaking Bad. I know, we have been living under a rock. Our advent said, "Breaking Bad and Hot Coco" we did not argue. Extra marshmallows in my coco please.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Advent Calendar - December 11

Yesterday our advent calendar told us to get a "new read". I wonder who thought of this? (me). We went to Book Off it's a used book store at the mall. It is like heaven to me. Richard immediately went to the golf section. I went to the pregnancy/child birth section. It was fun browsing through all the books and enjoying some time together outside of the house. I was sick all day with a really bad sore throat so this short outing was great!

Day 11

Day 11

Richard wants to do a cleanse. So he read a little on that and lost interest after 2 minutes.

Day 11

Then he went to the "good stuff". Also, whenever I want to take candid shots of Richard he does stuff like this:

Day 11

Richard in front of the tree at the mall. He wanted me to take a picture with santa.  

Day 11

The mall is so lonely at 8PM. I like it.

Day 11

Richard cheated and got a golf video game as well as a golf book. I got 3 books, For Women Only, The Big Book of Birth and Before Your Pregnancy. Well, now you know what is on my mind for 2014. :)

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Advent Calendar - December 10

 I thought it would be fun to make our own advent calendar. Growing up we had a tiny santa and we would change the number everyday. I would get so excited because that meant we were closer to Christmas. When I have kids one day I want to make an advent calendar with them too! It will be similar to ours. I made ours out of left over kraft paper and index cards. I had all the materials on hand so this cost me $0! Each day we open up the tiny package and it instructs us to do something together. Last night was Day 10 and it read, "Cool Haus Date". Sadly, we arrived at Cool Haus and it was closed (they had a note on the door that said they closed early for their holiday party). So we ventured out to Westwood and tried Diddy Reese! I was very excited because it was my first time. It however, did not win me over. Cool Haus still has the best ice cream sandwich in my book.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving DIY Decor


This year I was incharge of decor and table for our thanksgiving dinner.I loved being assigned this duty because I love to decorate. Dollar tree was my very best friend during the making of this decor. The white table cloth is a very long white backdrop I use for my photography business. The kraft paper was bought at Dollar Tree. I had a bunch of mason jars sitting under my sink so Richard spray painted those with gold spray paint. The flowers on the table are fakies from dollar tree. The little red ball plant is from a tree near my sisters house. The dinner plates are from my home, (world market). The cloth napkins are from Ikea. The plastic fruit was purchased at dollar tree and also spray painted by Richard. The paper lanterns were purchased from Daiso and were spray painted by Richard. Everything else you see was taken from my home!

  1. Table Cloth $FREE
  2. Kraft Paper (2 rolls) $2
3. Dinner Plates $FREE
4. Silverware $2
5. Cloth Napkins $12.64 (.79 each)
6. Spray Paint $5
  7. Fake Flowers $10
8. Flower pots $2
9. Paper Lanterns $7.50
10. Candles $4
11. Twinkly lights $13 (reused for our Christmas tree)
12. Rosemary for place cards $4

Total cost = $62.14
** tables and chairs were provided by my sister and so was the tent!

I will most likely use these items over and over, so this was really an investment! except the kraft paper since everyone drew on it (purposely). I really love how this turned out....and I can't wait to do this for my wedding!


Joshua Tree


I have been working my tail off. Literally. October thru December is an extremely busy time in a photographer's life. It is especially busy when you work a fulltime job and work on the weekends as a photographer. I am thankful to have "too much" work, really I am! But sometimes I do get tired. A few weeks ago I had 3 photo sessions in one weekend. I didn't want to spoil Richard's weekend by working so I squeezed in a trip to Joshua Tree. I had a session at 9AM and we were on the road by 11AM. Joshua Tree was incredible. The scenery seemed really took my breath away. One thing I really loved about Joshua Tree is the reception. There was no reception. I loved every single minute of that. It allowed me to take in nature without any distractions. I have 4 more sessions to finish up 2013. I am so thankful for all my clients this year, each and every one of them has given me the opportunity to bring my dreams to life! I  just have to remember to sit back and unplug myself from my iPhone once and a while. Here are a few shots of our time in Joshua Tree.